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Ares Corporation took root in 2019 as the brainchild of a creative founder who transforms daring visions into tangible reality

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Ares NFTs stay true to the legacy of their inspiration and continue to see exponential growth, as well as abide by the ERC721A protocol in alignment with the Ethereum blockchain. Yet, the upcoming minting dates for the first wave of our first position of Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary Ares NFTs is set to be November 2023. Exact dates are TBA.

Our valued community will be made aware of all minting-related information, including the exact launch dates closer to the day. In any instance, this knowledge will be spread through our discord channel, social media, and website.



Unveiling the Ares Power: The Ares NFT Collection

Prepare to witness the grandeur of Ares, the relentless and legendary warrior, through our remarkable NFT collection

His revival and the enduring magnificence of his rule, echoing down the corridors of time, demand unwavering attention. Imprinted in the memory of those acquainted with the tales of his era, he stood as an uncompromising force, emanating an irresistible aura of potency and resilience. A true warrior, unyielding to any authority, Ares governed with unwavering resolve, redefining the very essence of the mythos. Our NFTs encapsulate the very essence of the awe-inspiring fear that Ares instilled.

A total of 7,313 unique, rare and collectible NFTs tied to the Ethereum blockchain will be introduced to the market.

ARES Investmentinvestment



Ares: The Investment Of The Future

Invest in your project's ambitious objectives if you want to see them realized

Often, people might be full of self-assurance, yet they may lack the financial resources necessary to realize their goals. Big or small, the completion of every project requires a significant investment. It's pretty unlikely that a project will be successful if insufficient funds are allocated.

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The story behind Ares NFTThe story behind Ares NFT

ARES InvestmentEdition

The story behind Ares NFTThe story behind Ares NFT



Discover the New-Found Force in the Automotive Industry

Since its inception in the past two years, Ares Edition has been our star project, our professional team has dedicated countless hours to expanding this new future venture. The spectrum of opportunities it holds is truly like none other. Collaborating with his father has allowed Shazane Nazaraly to venture into the automotive field and explore new avenues. His father spent three decades in this space and proved to be an essential guiding light for the growth of Ares Edition.

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