How Shazane Nazaraly’s Innovative Idea Gave Rise To A Ground-breaking Luxury Car

Growing up, Shazane Nazaraly fell in love with his fair share of sports cars. However, his idea of luxury was always unconventional.

With the combination of his determination for success and his deep-seated ambition to achieve greatness, the founder followed in the footsteps of Ares, the most powerful and courageous warrior.

This has largely influenced his vision concerning the future of truly luxurious vehicles.

Ones that not only mesmerize people at first glance but also leave an irreplaceable footprint of innovation when driven on the road.

A New-Found Force In The Automotive Industry

Ever since its inception in the past two years, Ares Edition has been our star project. Our professional team has dedicated countless hours to the expansion of this new venture. The spectrum of opportunities it holds is truly like none other.

Collaborating with his father has allowed Shazane Nazaraly to venture forth into the automotive field and explore new avenues. His father spent three decades in this space and proved to be an essential guiding light for the growth of Ares Edition.

Shazane Nazaraly has never been truly entranced by traditional vehicles available on the market today. Why? Because owning a vehicle isn’t just about getting to your next destination. It’s about immersing yourself in the journey and enjoying every ride.

Today’s market flaunts a mismatched variety of luxury cars and sports vehicles, all of which have their flaws. Either something is missing in the appearance department, or the engine isn’t evoking the type of power that can command the attention of any room.

As someone who understands the true value of every asset, Shazane Nazaraly knows the importance of power. Ares Edition brings that alluring level of intensity. This is the kind of luxury car that has the ability to impress even the toughest of critics.

The Revolutionary Experience Of Ares Edition

Unlike other cars, Ares Edition will combine the best of sports and luxury into one vehicle. From the chassis to the engine, every aspect is refined to the most basic detail, rendering the whole an unforgettable masterpiece.

Rather than being gentle on the eyes, Ares Edition will exert its dominance with exceptionally powerful automotive capabilities. The car will integrate premium quality materials as well as cutting-edge technologies within both its functionality and design.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The highlight, otherwise known as the Ultra Sport Mode, is a transformative feature that will simply take your breath away.

The Birthchild Of The Founder’s Journey

Good cars are sturdy, whereas exceptional cars are the epitome of power.

Shazane Nazaraly drew from his own experiences to visualize a dream car that exhibits resilience in every meaning of the word. The founder wants to display his ambitious side through Ares Edition and showcase the light that was born from his harrowing battles.

Ares Edition:
The Importance of Sustainability

Sports cars get a bad rap, and we have to admit that sometimes, it’s justified.

As the environment grapples with the consequences of manmade processes, it is incumbent upon us to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Fortunately, Ares Edition is one step ahead.

We’ve envisioned the creation of stellar products that truly respect our precious environment and every gem it has to offer.