Discover the New-Found Force in the Automotive Industry

Since its inception in the past two years, Ares Edition is our star project, our professional team has dedicated countless hours to expanding this new future venture. The spectrum of opportunities it holds is truly like none other. Collaborating with his father has allowed Shazane Nazaraly to venture into the automotive field and explore new avenues. His father spent three decades in this space and proved to be an essential guiding light for the growth of Ares Edition.

Shazane Nazaraly has never been genuinely entranced by traditional vehicles available on the market today. Why? Because owning a vehicle is about more than just getting to your next destination. It's about immersing yourself in the journey and enjoying every ride.

Quite frankly, today's market flaunts a mismatched variety of luxury cars and sports vehicles, all of which have flaws. Either something is missing in the appearance department, or the engine isn't evoking the type of power that can command the attention of any room. As someone who understands the true value of every asset, Shazane Nazaraly knows the importance of power. Ares Edition will bring that alluring level of intensity. This is the kind of luxury car that will impress even the toughest of critics.

Yet, Ares’ vision extends beyond the road. As we look to the future, immerse yourself in the luxurious experiences we will meticulously craft. Whether it's the majesty of our custom-designed yachts, the elegance of our bespoke bicycles, or the timeless beauty of our tailored home interiors, Ares Edition will be your portal to curated excellence, tailor-made for the discerning few with the most refined tastes. Experience Ares Edition – where luxury is redefined at every turn.

The Revolutionary Experience Of Ares Edition

Unlike other cars, Ares Edition will represent an unparalleled fusion of sports performance and luxury. From the chassis to the engine, every component will be meticulously crafted down to the finest detail, creating an unforgettable masterpiece of automotive engineering. Feel the raw power, precision, and superior engineering that epitomize the very essence of Ares.

For us, performance is a bold statement that resonates through every element of the vehicle. Our car presentations will not just be showcases but finely tuned experiences, integrating with the Ares application for an enhanced user interaction infused with cutting-edge technology, including an innovative feature known as NFT in Motion—your unique opportunity to drive your digital legacy.

For our esteemed community, we will even offer a preview of 3D car models meticulously crafted to not merely offer a viewing but an immersive dip into the Ares Edition luxury. Ares Edition incorporates premium materials and cutting-edge technologies within its functionality and design, redefining what it means to be at the apex of luxury and performance.

Bluetooth Connectivity in Real Time

Ares Edition will offer users the opportunity to enter a domain characterized by flawless integration and enhanced control, effectively merging their car with their personal device in a harmonic manner.

Bluetooth pairing will enable the establishment of a highly sophisticated connection, therefore converting one's mobile device into a robust control hub. With the convenience of modern technology, one may easily automate the opening and closing of doors, control the activation or deactivation of a car, regulate audio preferences, and customize the interior atmosphere by manipulating the vehicle's lighting to align with personal emotions or preferences.

Explore the Ares Edition Online Showroom

From the comfort of your space, explore and acquire your dream car with versatile payment options through the dedicated Ares Edition website, where the luxury of tomorrow will be at your fingertips.

Whether you're looking to transact through conventional bank transfers, modern cryptocurrencies, or the exclusive Ares Coin, we will have you covered. And for our avid Ares Coin enthusiasts, anticipate not just special pricing but also the privilege of a tailored automobile design that will distinctly set your vehicle apart in a luxury puzzle.

Elevate Personalization via NFT Integration

For the avant-garde NFT owners, Ares Edition will push the envelope of automobile personalization. By blending state-of-the-art holographic technology with advanced AI implementation, we will allow you to integrate and showcase your valued NFTs within your vehicle. It's more than just a car; it will be a canvas for your digital expression, offering a profoundly personal ownership experience.