Shazane Nazaraly shows why it’s important to be the hero of your own story

Ever since an early age, Shazane Nazaraly felt deep within his heart that the combination of faith and hard work would breed success. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges he faced, he never let them stop him from reaching for the stars.

Shazane Nazaraly knew true growth would arise from overcoming life’s obstacles. Even during his toughest trials, he continued to push forward and strive for prosperity. Giving up was never an option. Instead, he used these moments as an opportunity to reflect.

His most inspiring role models aren’t silver-spooned moguls who were born with their accolades. Rather, capable and determined individuals who earned every ounce of their success. This truth drives his focus to seize every new opportunity that comes his way.

Shazane Nazaraly always fought with courage. The noble nature of acting with true courage is one he follows wholeheartedly.

He sees every day as a chance to be the hero of his own story and shows his dedication one innovation at a time

Ares Corporation took root in 2019 as the brainchild of a creative founder who transforms daring visions into tangible reality. From day one, the goal was plain and simple – to prove that investing in one’s ambitions can bring limitless success

Our goal is to amplify the dreams of the community by reinforcing our strong belief that nothing is impossible. The world is filled with hidden opportunities waiting for the right mind to take hold and never let go of the dream.

In every way, Ares Corporation reflects the successful endeavours of an emerging entrepreneur who refused to stay silent. With a tiny investment and determination that was larger than life, Shazane Nazaraly built a resilient foundation that speaks for itself.

We combine a high-level cognizance of modern technology with an ever-evolving NFT boom to bring transformative innovations to everyone. To capitalize on this holistic advantage, Ares Corporation will oversee two main growth chasing projects under its governance.

With Ares Investment and Ares Edition, the founder’s ambition will work as a consistent driving force for the competitive evolution of each new innovation.

In Shazane Nazaraly’s words, “Success requires intensity, and those who persist are called crazy.” Verily, Ares Corporation refines raw talent into profitable outlets. Thus, giving everyone the chance to take control of their fate without compromise.

Our vision

The natural strength of Ares is a testament to the uncompromising ambition that is inherent to Shazane Nazaraly’s character

Ares Corporation has trailblazed a promising path for additional projects to boost the financial capabilities of everyone involved. After many years of dedication, Shazane Nazaraly has strategically transformed Ares Investment into a growth-chasing business model able to withstand the test of time. The advancement of this industry will work in tandem with the evolution of Ares.


Ares Corporation has trailblazed a promising path for additional projects to boost the financial capabilities of everyone involved.


The digital age is upon us and the world of technology continues to rapidly evolve.

At Ares Corporation, we leverage the latest innovations to revolutionize our investments. By tapping into powerful digital assets and expanding financial prosperity, we prove to be innovation-friendly in every aspect.


Ares Corporation prides itself on being simple and open concerning our business. We always ensure that our community can greatly benefit from the calculated decisions we make.


We’re the organization that strongly believes in unbreakable community relationships. Reliability is our forte and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.