Unveiling the Ares Power: The Ares NFT Collection

Our NFTs pay ode to the powerful and legendary warrior, Ares.

Prepare to witness the grandeur of Ares, the relentless and legendary warrior, through our remarkable NFT collection.

His revival and the enduring magnificence of his rule, echoing down the corridors of time, demand unwavering attention. Imprinted in the memory of those acquainted with the tales of his era, he stood as an uncompromising force, emanating an irresistible aura of potency and resilience. A true warrior, unyielding to any authority, Ares governed with unwavering resolve, redefining the very essence of the myth. Our NFTs encapsulate the very essence of the awe- inspiring fear that Ares instilled.

A total of 7,313 unique, rare and collectible NFTs tied to the Ethereum blockchain will be introduced to the market.

An Innovative Approach to Digital Assets

Discover Ares NFT, a collection of non-fungible tokens that stands out for its unique features and superior performance. Ares NFT's roots go deep inside Ares Corporation, making it more than just an asset but a driving force, set to provide the foundation for game-changing efforts like Ares Investment and Ares Edition.

By acquiring an Ares NFT, members will gain access to Warrior World and much more than just a digital asset. The members of this select group are living proof that innovation and aspiration can successfully coexist. Goals previously thought to be impossible become realistic possibilities.

Our proprietary Ares app will be a powerful gateway to the Ares ecosystem, from investments to luxury automobiles. Built to streamline your experience, the app is a unified platform that significantly simplifies your interactions with all things Ares, providing an engaging journey through the Web3 universe.

Linking the conventional world to the promising Web3 environment. Ares NFT will break down barriers between the physical and digital worlds, opening up previously unimaginable possibilities as we move into an age when corporate innovation and digital strategy are inextricably intertwined.

The First Of Their Kind

Prospective buyers and collectors will discover a robust selection of Ares NFTs, each featuring a rich assortment of visual elements, such as unique backgrounds, immersive effects, meticulously designed helmets, and detailed armor.

For an enhanced perspective, the NFTs can be viewed from four distinct angles, each providing a glimpse into varying degrees of rarity—Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate—determined by a unique amalgamation of traits and stylistic features.

Discover the Warrior World

Warrior World, accessed via Discord and our official website, will become a safe sanctuary where brilliant ideas may flourish. Whether as a regular Member or a VIP, your participation in the Warrior World will grant you multiple benefits designed to enhance your experience.

Warrior World will foster genuine relationships instead of shallow networking. Relationships need to be strengthened. We've assembled various options, from one-on- one advice sessions to educational seminars and private performances. When you sign up for Ares NFT, you're not simply becoming part of a group but also beginning a revolutionary movement.

Even if you decide to part with your valuable NFT, your connection with Ares doesn't end. You will maintain your status as a cherished member of our Warrior World community, ensuring you remain engaged with our ever-evolving network of innovators and thought leaders.

Your Ares NFT rarity level will be dependent on the kind of traits and background that it has. There are advantages and reductions based on the rarity of your NFT holdings which will further enrich your experience as a user. Your NFT membership will provide you access to a universe of benefits that you can easily monitor and control, such as unique discounts and invitations to events.

Rare Ares

Rare Ares

Rare Ares features a black and gold style background as shown, with normal steel armor and weapons.

Super Rare Ares

Super Rare Ares

Super Rare Ares features a minimal black and gold background as shown, with full gold armor and weapons

Legendary Ares

Legendary Ares

Legendary Ares features a luxurious gold, diamond and blue effect background as shown, with half diamond half gold armor and weapons

Ultimate Ares

Ultimate Ares

Ultimate Ares will feature a full diamond armor and weapons

not released yet

Roadmap Activation


Within this first stage we will be focusing on building the other sectors of the Ares Legacy; Ares Investment and Ares Edition. We will upload exclusive introductory content to our YouTube channel for our community explaining what we will do and how we will progress forward to meet our goals.


In the next phase we will randomly airdrop 5 unreleased ultimate Ares NFTs to 5 previous buyers. Our ultimate Ares NFTs are truly treasured collectibles, with their low supply and high rarity the ultimate Ares will be the scarcest artworks in our collection. Lucky members who receive one will also be granted an upgrade to VIP membership and will receive exclusive benefits.


At this halfway stage the long awaited second wave of our second position of rare, super rare and legendary Ares NFTs will be available to mint, exact date TBA.

Our Ares member website will also be live and exclusive members only merchandise will be available for purchase. Our merchandise store will feature high quality Ares themed apparel, and our members will be able to purchase these exclusive pieces including; caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, watches, suits, shoes and much more. Merchandise will only be available for a restricted time and will regularly change on a weekly basis to ensure rarity of the items.


Once we have reached this stage of roadmap completion our third position of rare, super rare and legendary Ares NFTs will be available to mint, exact date TBA.

As well as this, the Ares smartphone application will be put into development and will only be available to VIP members through a QR code. The Ares VIP app will allow VIP members to have access to exclusive updates including release dates, new merchandise date drops and behind the scenes previews of the Ares project.

Previous buyers will also have the chance of being airdropped our "Alamdar serum", when combined with your rare or super rare Ares NFT will create a legendary Ares NFT.


In this next stage our fourth and final position of rare, super rare and legendary will be available to mint, exact date TBA.

As well as this, our highly anticipated Ultimate Ares NFTs will be released, exact date TBA and will feature all four positions with unique and one-of-a-kind attributes.

Also in this stage, the VIP member website will be live and will include an exclusive luxury online merchandise store. These luxury items will change every 3 days to ensure rarity of the items.

Finally in this stage we will launch our NFT series which will be based on the journey of our main character Ares, a legendary warrior. The Ares NFT series will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Once the series is released, we will begin to develop the Ares movie. Exclusive previews and teasers of the movie will be shared with our community via our social media channels.


In the finalizing stages of our roadmap, we will begin our new NFT project which will feature collaborations with other budding NFT creators that are in need of investment. Our community will be made aware of any updates or exclusive news through our discord and social media channels.

As well as this, Ares Corporation will give VIP members the chance of becoming a partner on the various projects that we have lined up. Exact details will be announced closer to the date.

Also, in this final stage the highly anticipated Ares movie will be released and shared with the world. Release date TBA.

Finally, Ares Corporation will establish the other sectors of our legacy; Ares Investment and Ares Edition. Ares Investment will allow everyone"s ideas to be developed through infrastructures all over the world and we promise a fresh new take on investment. Ares Edition will be open for business and available for purchase across the world. Members who purchase an Ares Edition car will also be able to incorporate their NFTs within the car itself. Due to the high-tech nature of our supercars, Ares Edition owners will be able to benefit from exclusive access to all new products which will be able to be integrated into the cars at reduced prices.

Gain The Advantage And Claim Your Spot As An Ares Member

At Ares Corporation, we sincerely value the constant support from both our members and VIP members. To become a Member, you will first need to purchase a Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary Ares NFT. To upgrade to VIP status, you must invest in an Ultimate Ares NFT.


Whitelisted Members can claim their free merchandise after purchasing their Ares NFT. VIP members who are the first owners of one of the 313 Ultimate Ares NFTs will also be able to claim their free merchandise.